Jon offers Executive Communications and Executive Presence workshops to groups and individuals. Whether focused on improving written communication skills, presenting to groups, or understanding how to command rooms big and small, Jon's workshops are fueled by the conviction that in the proper context each of us deserves and has the capacity to accept the attention of others. 

For Jon, Executive Communications starts with adopting a leadership mindset. This means committing to a communications process instead of a result, striving for agility before strength, and always finding a way to be generous. Executive Presence workshops begin from here and move on to highly particular work that leads each participant to assume her or his expertise without question or comment. 

Jon grounds his work in decades of experience performing and training performers. His methodologies include vocal training, movement analysis, and improvisation. You will leave with an elevated confidence to continue asking how you relate to others and with an eagerness to find opportunities to practice the approaches learned.

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